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pet::ESSENTIAL™ healthymouth™ Dog Topical Gel - 2oz Jar with Cotton Tipped Applicators (100 per pouch)
<strong>pet::ESSENTIAL&#8482; healthymouth&#8482; Dog Topical Gel - 2oz Jar  with  Cotton Tipped Applicators (100 per pouch)</strong>



Gel Is Both A Great Value And Great For Dogs and Cats With Inflammation and Gum Problems. Can be used on its own or in conjunction with the water additive for pets with more problematic teeth and gums.

  • Same clinically proven dog and cat formulations as all healthymouth products.
  • Same remarkable results when used as part of a comprehensive dental care program starting directly after a professional dental cleaning and used continually every day long-term.
  • Perfect solution for dogs and cats that don't drink much water or don't warm to the pleasant apple green color of water with the healthymouth formulation in it.
  • The dog gel tastes much like the water additive �normal water with a very subtle hint of cinnamon. The cat formula has the omega 3 salmon oil flavor and we know from both our clinical studies and current clients that their cats LOVE the taste so much so that they wait to have the gel applied each day. YES. You will be able not only get into your cat's mouth, but he/she will love for you. And the gel is especially effective for your cat's inflammation and gum issues.
  • The gel should be used once a day, EVERY day and applied o teeth and gums (upper and lower) after last mealtime. Gel is intended to remain in the mouth over night. Do not rinse off. If brushing teeth, brush first and then apply the gel. Please note that you only need to apply a thin layer of gel with the disposable cotton-tipped applicator included. ALWAYS use one applicator for top gums and a second, new one for lower gums.
Price: $68.22

Product Code: DG02

Helpful Tips Ingredients 100% PALATABILITY GUARANTEED

Helpful Tips To Help You Order and Start Your Dog or Cat on healthymouth VOHC Accepted Topical Gels.

This Device is Intended to reduce by Physical Means the Presence of Bacterial Plaque on Teeth & Throughout the Entire Oral Cavity.
Start Immediately After Professional Cleaning as an Adjunct to Oral Hygiene Home Care. Must Be Used Continually to Maintain Physical Barrier Benefits.

Directions: With one applicator, apply a thin layer of gel on the entire upper gum and tooth surface. With a second applicator, repeat on lower gum and tooth surface. Do NOT rinse off. Use once, every day at night after last mealtime.

Does your pet not drink much water? The topical gels are the perfect
solution for your pet and you.

And cats LOVE the Omega-3 Salomon Oil in the cat much so that owners have told me they wait each day to have it applied to their teeth and gums. We now have plenty of inventory, but we were actually sold out of the cat gel for 4 months to stock up!

Q. Does it matter when I apply the gel during the day?
YES. Gels MUST be
applied after last mealtime of the day in the evening and are NOT to be
rinsed off but left in the mouth.

Q. Can I stick my finger into the gel.
No, you do not want to introduce any bacteria from your fingers. always use one Q-tip for top gums and another for Q-tip for lower gums and then dispose of them and use clean ones with each application.

Q. Can I use both the anti-plaque water additive and the topical gel on my pet?
Absolutely. The more healthy daily dental care you can provide to your pet
the better.

Q.How long will a 2 oz container of the gel last?
That will vary depending on the size
and breed of your pet. However, you should apply just a THIN layer of gel on
the top and bottom teeth and gums (and don¹t forget the back molars), and
used as directed, a tube should last more than three months on a small-medium
size dog on average, a bit longer for cats.

Q.What if I want my dog to have salmon oil, can I use the cat gel on my dog?
Yes. You can use the cat gel on your dog.

Q. I have multiple pets. Can I use the same container of gel on all of them?
Yes, as long as you use separate applicators for each of your pets.

Q. What if my cat doesn¹t like salmon oil, can I use the dog gel on my cat?
Yes. You can use the dog gel on your cat..

Q.What Dogs and Cats Should Not Use The Gels?
If your pet has a known sensitivity or allergy to any of the ingredients please check with your
veterinarian first before starting products.

Gel Containers Once Opened: Good for up to 24 months.

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