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Success Stories

Norman's Success Story

For years my Norman was thin, depressed, drooling, lips flapped, dull coat and dull eyes. I then started him on healthymouth equine. Today he is happy, shiny coat, bright eyes, no drooling at all and has put on 50lbs. His gums are no longer bleeding, the swelling is down and the purple discoloration almost gone. He is a totally different horse! I'm so impressed with the product - I've never seen that kind of change with any product I've used before.
- Sharon T.

Norman before Healthymouth. Languishing away. After 4 weeks on healthymouth. Healthier and happier! Norman loves his healthymouth!

Annie's Success Story


I adopted Annie, a 2-year old female Rottweiler/lab/other mix last November from a rural shelter in Northern Ohio. At the time I was told she had oral ulcers from having her mouth held shut and rat poisoned poured in. I'll bypass the stories of tests, series of antibiotics, doctors, I'm sure you've heard it before but it suffices to say that, even with a terrific and highly competent Vet, it took several months and a couple trips to a dental specialist to discover Annie suffered from C.U.P.S. or Chronic Ulcerative Paradental Stomatitis.

Within two months of the diagnosis and after a regiment of daily brushing, a restricted diet, and the addition of Healthymouth, Annie became a completely different animal; my partner and I laugh that in some ways she has become a less behaved dog. Annie began to bark every morning to let us know she wanted to go outside, she played with our other rescue, a min pin named Penny, and she was much more affectionate. I realized how much pain she had been in and was so glad we found a treatment that enabled her to keep most of her teeth.

I was extremely suspicious of the Healthymouth product as I had been pushed to buy similar products in various pet stores. What set your product apart was the recommendation from my Oral Specialist, Dr. Tom Klein and his discussion of sound laboratory tests which had proven results. I'm attaching a picture of Annie; this is from Christmas when we drove to Florida to visit family. She was still sick and the C.U.P.S. was undiagnosed at this time but you can see from the picture what a sweet, trusting, and kind animal she is.

Good luck and thank you for healthymouth,
- Angela

healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
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