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Horses at Every Life Stage can Benefit from Drinking healthymouthTM
as Part of a Comprehensive Dental Care Program.

Your horse's dental care doesn't rest with your veterinarian alone. As a horse owner, you play a pivotal role in helping ensure your horse's dental health through daily dental care at the stable.

The first and arguably the most important step when treating equine periodontal disease is the correction of any malocclusions or overgrowths. This is achieved through equilibration of the horse's mouth. After equilibration, the pockets must be kept clean to avoid the accumulation of oral bacteria. Bacteria, if not removed, results in inflammation.

The daily use of clinically proven Equine healthymouthTM as a treatment aid in conjunction with annual equilibration and other necessary dental procedures provides ongoing anti-bacterial benefits, therefore reducing inflammation, promoting formation of new attachments, keeping the mouth cleaner and healthier.

The oral cavity is the entrance to your horse's body. Everything he eats, takes in and all nutrients have to go through the mouth and because a horse must process about 20 pounds of forage a day he must have a healthy mouth-teeth, gums, tongue in order to be able to take it in, grind it up and provide his body the nutrients he needs. (Easley,

Keeping the teeth and gums clean and healthy on a long term, daily basis is essential to a better functioning and ultimately, a happier, longer-lived horse. Since equine teeth continue to grow throughout their life, sharp enamel points often form on cheek teeth, causing painful lacerations and ulcers until the next equilibration takes place.

Even young horses, with otherwise good mouths are prone to inflamed, irritated and reddened gums caused by environmental or feeding factors.

Additionally, the buildup of tartar around the teeth by the gum line remains a potential problem as it can provide conditions for bacterial growth. In the horse this is mainly a problem around the canine, incisors and premolars.

Healthymouth's 100% natural formula, when added to drinking water every day, provides continuous improvement in these mouths, effectively, but gently and safely.

Diligent daily dental management could be quite difficult and burdensome with horses; until now. HealthymouthTM was designed to be simple for you to use and in fact it is as easy as giving your horse his normal hydration. However, an additional quite exciting benefit was revealed during clinical trial studies healthymouthTM keeps water troughs clean, so you don't have to!

Now, imagine when your veterinarian pays his next visit to your stable and for the very first time he says, "your horse's mouth is improving and getting healthier, just keep doing what your doing."

How great should that feel not only for you, but most importantly for your horse. You have helped reduce his discomfort and perhaps even real pain, improving athletic performance, improving bit accommodation and better steering, improving eating efficiency and affecting his overall health, quality of life and if you stick with ongoing professional and daily dental care, perhaps even the longevity of your partner.

Who knew stable dental care for your horse could be such an effective, safe, simple, (even saving time with the self-cleaning healthymouthTM troughs) and rewarding experience? Now you do!

So spread the healthy mouth word. healthyMOUTH::healthyHORSETM

healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
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