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Hemopet has been a leader in pet health care and greyhound rescue services for more than 20 years.
We have:

  • Established the first non-profit national animal blood bank and set new standards for safe and effective transfusion medicine.
  • Rescued and re-homed more than 1500 greyhound dogs from the racing industry and placed them as family companions.
  • Initiated innovative programs that educate children, people with special needs and the general public about companion animal care.
  • Developed Hemolife, the only pet diagnostic health laboratory for individualized diagnoses that consider age, sex, breed type and activity of the animal.
  • At Hemopet, we use novel, 'green', patented non-RIA technology never offered before in veterinary medicine.
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Kitten Rescue

Our Beginnings

Kitten Rescue

KITTEN RESCUE was founded in the spring of 1997 and has grown to become one of the largest and most respected rescue groups in Los Angeles. We are a non-profit, totally volunteer run organization devoted to finding loving new homes for unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens. KITTEN RESCUE volunteers place approximately 1,000 cats and kittens into new homes every year! In March 2006, KITTEN RESCUE realized one of its long-standing dreams when it acquired its very own private, no-kill shelter in the Atwater Village area of Los Angeles. The KITTEN RESCUE SANCTUARY is a shelter and boarding facility that can house up to 150 cats. The Sanctuary has a full time staff as well as numerous volunteers who provide care, love and socialization for the cats housed there. KITTEN RESCUE also operates permanent adoption installations at the Pasadena PETCO and Canoga Park PetSmart, where cats are housed on a full-time basis. KITTEN RESCUE volunteers provide all of the care of these animals.

Our Unique Services

The majority of KITTEN RESCUE's animals live in volunteer foster homes until they are adopted. Our volunteers care for bottle babies, moms with litters, cats that need socialization and sick and injured animals. Prior to adoption, all of our cats are:

  • spayed and neutered
  • tested for feline leukemia and FIV
  • vaccinated
  • de-wormed
  • treated for fleas
  • microchipped

We also offer education and assistance to the public regarding all aspects of responsible pet ownership, care of kittens and cats, the importance of spaying and neutering and the proper maintenance and care of feral colonies. During "kitten season", volunteers teach bottle feeding classes for people who want to care for unweaned kittens. We distribute City of Los Angeles spay / neuter coupons and host periodic spay / neuter events for feral cats. We hold weekly adoption events at a number of pet stores across the Los Angeles area. Adoptable pets are also posted on our web site.

Our Future

Recently, KITTEN RESCUE became the beneficiary of a living trust for a dilapidated animal shelter in the Antelope Valley. The elderly owner has partnered with KITTEN RESCUE in order to ensure his animals will be taken care of after he passes away. The property houses approximately 60 cats, 75 dogs, two pigs and numerous chickens and roosters. It will take a tremendous amount of work to clean up the property and improve the living conditions of the animals there, but KITTEN RESCUE hopes that this new shelter can become a key rescue location in an area where there is serious animal overpopulation and sparse veterinary care. In 2008, KITTEN RESCUE spent approximately $300,000 on the animals it its care, and that amount is expected to grow each year as we increase in size and services become more expensive. KITTEN RESCUE 's goal is to help Los Angeles become a no-kill city.

To Contact

Phone: (323) 664-7115 or visit: WWW.KITTENRESCUE.ORG

healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
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