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Horses of all ages can benefit from effective oral care in conjunction with dental equilibration and other dental procedures you perform.

  • Do any of your patients suffer from poor oral health that could be affecting performance, appetite or quality of life?
  • Do any of your patients suffer from gingivitis or periodontal disease?
  • Do any of your patients suffer from cheek lacerations or ulcerations?
  • Do any of your patients have noticable plaque and/or tartar buildup on the teeth?
  • Do any of your patients suffer from drooling problems?
  • Would any of your patients benefit from having cleaner gums and teeth?
  • Do any of your colleagues have patients suffering from similar oral health issues?

If you do, we have the solution for you to bring to your clients and to the attention of your colleagues.

BENEFITS and VALUE of equine::ESSENTIAL healthymouthâ„¢

  • Supported by multiple clinical trials
  • Safe and 100% natural
  • Simple for your clients to use

We would like to give you an opportunity to introduce your client to healthymouthâ„¢.

And to thank you:

  • We'll give you $15.00 when your client purchases a 5 gallon pail of healthymouthâ„¢ for the first time.
  • We'll give you an additional $15.00 for EVERY subsequent 5 gallon pail your client purchases; even if you do not see that until the next year!

And there's more:

  • We'll give you $30.00 for every colleague of yours that you introduce to healthymouthâ„¢ and as a result, opens an account with us online and at least one of his clients' purchases a 5 gallon pail. Your colleague then starts earning points for his referral of clients and his colleagues.
  • We'll include you on our "Equine Dental Practitioner" Locator Menu where horse owners in need of equilibration or other dental procedures for their horses can find you listed as one of the practitioners at the forefront of dentistry. You can be multi-listed to reflect all States your practice covers, with contact details and a link to your website (if you have one).

And we do the rest:

  • We take the order (via phone or online) from your client directly and she provides us your name as the referring practitioner.
  • We send out the product directly to your client.
  • We automatically place 1 point in your healthymouth account as soon as the order is placed. (1 point =$15.00)
  • We automatically place 1 additional point in your account EVERY time that client orders in the future. (no stop date)
  • We automatically place 2 points in your account (2 points=$30.00) when your colleague registers with healthymouth on line, provides your name as the referring practitioner and one of his client purchases a 5-gallon pail.
  • We keep track of your points for you. You can login at any time to view how many points you have accumulated in your private account.
  • We send you a check every 4 weeks from date of your first point earned to the address you have provided us.

And we support you:

  • We provide you with healthymouth's features/benefits, background information and clinical studies for you to understand how and why healthymouth is serious science, safe and simple for your clients to use and for you to introduce to them.
  • We provide you with informational flyers for your clients.
  • We even provide you with a complimentary 5-gallon pail of healthymouth for your own horse to experience the benefits!

And you have additional revenue coming in every month for doing nothing more than informing your clients and colleagues of a revolutionary new product that every one of your horse patients from the young -- for preventative care -- to the old -- as a treatment aid, will benefit from adding value to a cutting edge practice.

Want to open a Referral Account? Click Here!

(Program only open to Equine Fellows of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry,
Veterinarians Specializing in Equine Dentistry,Licensed Veterinary Technicians
and Equine Dental Technicians)

For questions, comments, practitioner service or to request more client flyers please contact Karen Albert, Founder/CEO, email: or mobile: 310-351-1343.


Learn About the "Word of Healthymouth" Referral Program
Join Now and Start Earning Points and Profits Today! (PDF)


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