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healthymouthTM gels

VOHC (r) Accepted Topical Gels for Dogs & Cats

Simply Apply Daily to Teeth and Gums

Healthy Bodies Start With Healthy MouthsTM


Patent-pending healthymouth, TM anti-plaque topical gel for dogs and anti-plaque topical gel for cats are clinically proven and BOTH recipients of the VOHC (r) Seal of Acceptance, awarded April 2011.  Free of all artificial synthetic ingredients or alcohol, the gels provide a dental health care agent to prevent, improve and maintain the dental health of your dog and cat as the home care portion of an overall dental care program that starts with examination and professional dental cleaning with dental x-rays.

VOHC Accepted dog and cat topical gel

The gels contain the same plaque retardant ingredients as the VOHC Accepted water additives. The gels safely cleans teeth and gums, reducing plaque that causes inflammation leading to dental disease and inhibiting the bacteria and germs that are the source of bad breath for your pet.

Use of the gels has also revealed that plaque reduction continues to improve the longer the product is used and that any remaining plaque is significantly softened, making the use of tooth brushing and/or chew-bones and dental diets easier and even more effective.

A thin layer of gel is applied by you, (pet mom or pet dad) directly on the teeth and gums of your dog or cat once a day after last mealtime and left in the mouth. The gels have shown a very high rate of acceptability for both dogs and cats; in fact, cats have been known to so love the natural fish flavoring that they wait each day for owners to apply!

The gels achieve their high level of effectiveness through its select blending of active ingredients which mediate the reduction of plaque in you pet's mouth. A natural enzyme: papain, effectively reduces the build up of proteins in the mouth and zinc gluconate operates as an antibacterial agent. The combination of these two ingredients effectively reduces bacterial proliferation.

The formulation includes natural antioxidants, blueberry and pomegranate, that increase your pet's immune response to bacteria. Yucca, clove and cinnamon act as natural deodorizers. Particular vitamins, B2 and C have been selected to help increase the immune response to bacteria. Chlorophyll is incorporated as a natural substance for freshening breath. Natural flavoring agents, such as extracts of clove and cinnamon are added not only to deodorizer, but also to increase the palatability of the composition. Omega 3, mercury-free salmon oil is found only in the cat gel formula to help reduce inflammation and as a natural flavoring agent However, there are no breath maskers in the product, which would only serve to cover a potentially more severe infection in the mouth requiring veterinary attention. 

If you want your dog to have salmon oil, feel free to use the cat gel for your dog. Likewise, if your cat does not like or support salmon oil or its flavor, you may use the dog gel on your cat. As the composition is non-toxic, dogs and cats can safely support whatever amount of gel required to cover both the upper gums and teeth and lower gums and teeth.
The gels are delivered in innovative, one handed small, plastic tubes, to make it easy for you to hold your pet and apply the gel at the same time. The tube contains a small hole in the tip from which the gel flows up through the tube and onto the teeth and gums. As this tube was designed for application of formulations in the sensitive eye area, it incorporates a technology that does not allow the gel to flow back into the tube preventing bacteria from inhibiting the formulation or the tube.

Directions state the gels are to be used daily for continued results. The gels are intended to be used either in conjunction with healthymouth's anti-plaque water additive for maximum home dental care or used alone as an alternative delivery method, especially suited and beneficial for dogs and cats that drink minimal amounts of water on a daily basis.

Please note that the gels are intended as part of an overall dental care program that begins with examination followed by an annual professional teeth cleaning and intra-oral radiographs as the foundation for you to then commence a simple, lifetime daily home dental care program for your pet. 

The gels can extend the benefits of professional dental care, but DO NOT REPLACE IT and product effectiveness is based on starting the products on a cleaned mouth.
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
healthymouth ambassador success stories healthymouth to the rescue hope for children
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